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Friday, January 20, 2017

Jose Melis At The Opera

Jose Melis At The Opera
Mercury Records SR 60709

This release received a brief listing in Billboard's September 15, 1962 issue as having "Moderate Sales Potential".

As it turns out, out of all the Melis albums I've collected, I find this set to be one of his best and a fine blend of "serious music" and space age pop. Inventive, lively arrangements and sparkling keyboard work by Melis are present.

From the back cover: The Melis interest in serious music is no passing fancy. From the age of six, when he first entered the Havana Music Conservatory, right on through studies in Paris, Boston, and the famed Juilliard School in New York, and on through his years on the Jack Parr TV Show's musical Rock of Gibraltar, Jose has been a passionate purveyor of classical music. Piano artist Melis possesses the happy faculty of being able to combine his interest in music's more serious side with a unique ability, via the keyboard, to translate it into the popular idiom.

Dance Of The Hours (La Gioconda)
Meditation (Thais)
Evening Star (Tannhauser)
Il Mio Tesoro Intanto (Don Giovanni)
One Fine Day (Madame Butterfly)
Carmen Cha Cha (Carmen)
Sextette (Lucia)
Berceuse (Jocelyn)
La Donna Mobile (Riggoletto)
Figaro (Barber Of Seville)
O Lola Bianca (Cavalleria Rusticana)
Che Gelida Manina (La Boheme)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Great Sounds Of Mort Lindsey And His Orchestra

Ebb Tide
The Great Sounds Of Mort Lindsey And His Orchestra
Dot DLP 25273

Trumpets: Jimmy Maxwell, Bernie Privin, Bob Cusmano, Ernie Royal, Steve Lipkins
Trombones: Chauncey Welsch, Charlie Small, Tommy Mitchell, Dick Hixon
Reeds: Phil Bodner (Clarinet), Toots Mondello (Alto), Romeo Pence (Alto and Bari), Joe Palmer and Wolffe Taninbaum (Tenor)
Rhythm: Don Lamond (Drums), Al Caiola and Barry Galbraith (Guitar), Jack Zimmerman (Bass), Bob Curtis (Piano)

From Billboard - July 27, 1960: Lindsey brings a dreamy, Glenn Miller-styled sweet-swing flavor to pleasant instrumental treatments of fairly recent hits. Interesting wax approach to familiar material for jocks.

From the back cover: A remarkably versatile young man-about-music, Mort Lindsey is perhaps best known currently for his appearances as musical director for Pat Boone, on the latter's popular television program, and of course, for his arrangements in many of Pat's albums. An accomplished pianist and organist, Mort was voted "most talented student" during his undergraduate days at Columbia University. Now a comfortable citizen of Montclair, New Jersey, Mort has proceeded to live up to that early promise in his blossoming career.

Canadian Sunset
Melody Of Love
All The Way
Mack The Knife
Autumn Leaves
April Love
Unchained Melody
Oh! My Pa-Pa
Ebb Tide
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Love Letters In The Sand

Monday, January 16, 2017

Night Dreams - Gordon Jenkins

So Beats My Heart For You
Night Dreams
Gordon Jenkins and The Ralph Brewster Singers
Cover photo by Ken Whitmore
Capitol Records

From Billboard - February 23, 1957: One of the strongest mood albums in recent months. The repertoire – standards of the likes of "Moon Over Miami," "Drifting And Dreaming" and "My Reverie," is similar to others but there the sameness ends. These are excitingly fluid, imaginative arrangements for big work, with wonderful effects of voices as instruments, contributed by the Ralph Brewster Singers. The instrumentals-vocal appoarch is gaining favor but this is the tops of the current lot. This package with jockey exposure is likely to show very show at counters.

Moon Over Miami
Allah's Holiday
Drifting And Dreaming
How Are Things In Glocca More
So Beats My Heart For You
To Each His Own
My Silent Love
Does Your Heart Beat For Me?
My Reverie
The Song Is Ended

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Anita Kerr Singers

The Masterpiece
The Anita Kerr Singers
RCA APL1-1166

Vocal Accompaniment by The Anita Kerr Singers: Dorothy A. Dillard; William G. Wright; Thomas Brannon and Phillip Forrest
Recording Engineer: Bill Vandevort
Recording Technician: David Roys
Recorded in RCA's "Nashville Sound" Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Photograpy: Jacques Lowe
Art Director: David Hogan Grafe

Keyboard: Anita Kerr and David Briggs
Bass: Tommy Cogbill and Mike Leech
Drums: Buddy Harman and Larrie Londin
Guitar: John Christopher, Reegie Young and Booby Thompson
Steel Guitar: Robert Seymour
Strings contracted by Sheldon Kurlan

From Billboard - September 13, 1975: The first album for this lady in a long time but it was worth waiting for. One of the originators of the "Nashville Sound,: Ms. Kerr has become a legend in music circles. Here she joins another legend, Chet Atkins, and together they have chosen some of the most beautiful songs of today, given them the purity and beauty of this group's sound of yesterday.

I'll Play For You
At Seventeen
Love Won't Let Me Wait
I'm Not Lisa
Before The Next Teardrop Falls
Hey Won't You Play Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
Every Time You Touch Me I Get High
I Love
Love Will Keep Us Together
The Masterpiece
Your Love's Return Song For Stephen Foster

Friday, December 30, 2016

Road Show - Stan Kenton - June Christy and The Four Freshmen

Road Show
Stan Kenton
June Christy
Four Freshmen
The Ensemble
Recording produced by Lee Gillette and John Pallandino
Recorded in concert at Purdue University
Capitol Records STBO 1327

From Billboard - February 1, 1960: Set should be a strong pop-jazz seller. It was produced on locale at Purdue University during the group's recent tour. The set is handsomely packaged with six pages of photos and notes. Included are some of the tunes with which the artists are identified ("Artistry In Rhythm," Kenton; "Them There Eyes," the Four Freshmen and "How High The Moon," June Christy). Solid item.

This set features reasonably good live recording engineering for the time. While the Kenton/Christy/Ensemble sides present tunes in a straight forward fashion, the Four Freshmen side is more the comedy act and seems out-of-place in the collection even though their antics must have been needed to help to pace the show.

Stan Kenton
Artistry In Rhythm
Stompin' At The Savoy
My Old Flame
The Big Chase

June Christy
I Want To Be Happy
It's A Most Unusual Day
Midnight Sun
Kissing Bug
How High The Moon

Four Freshmen
Day-In-Day Out
Angel Eyes
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Paper Doll
Them There Eyes

The Ensemble
Love For Sale
September Song
Walking Shoes
The Peanut Vendor
Artistry In Rhythm (Band Only)

Grand Prix Cars At Watkins Glen 1962

Side 1 - Band 2 "Warm Up And Start
Grand Prix Cars At Watkins Glen 1962
Produced and edited by Barette Clark
Recorded by Ray Fowler
Special technical assistance by Richard Cohn and John Dirks
Recorded at Wakins Glen, N.Y.; October 5-7, 1962
Album design by Ken Deardoff
Riverside Records
RS 95028

Grand Prix Of The United States Sebring 1959

Jack Brabham
Grand Prix Of The United States Sebring 1959
Produced and edited by Bill Grauer and Barrett Clark
Notes written by Barrett Clark
Cover design and produced by Paul Bacon, Ken Braren and Harris Lewine
Recorded by Ray Fowler; Sebring, Florida; December, 1959.
Mastered by Jack Matthews

Calyposo! - The Duke Of Iron

Loving Woman Is Waste Of Time
The Duke Of Iron
And The Steel Bands
Crowell-Collier Records Guild
RG 142

From the back cover: In this album we have ten performances by one of the greatest masters of the art; a true Calypsonian and one of the best known. The Duke Of Iron was born Cecil Anderson in Trinidad. As a boy he participated in session of improvisation and rhyming with others until his parents had to drag him away. Although Lord Wellinton's nom de querre and Cecil Anderson's nom de song are similar, Anderson' title has nothing to do with wars and battles, but with muse. The Duke is stalwart in retaining calypso as a true form of Trinidadian culture. "Calypso has a different rhythm all its own," he says. "It may resemble this and that at times but it is a class by itself where rhythm, style and delivery is concerned. Some singers are trying to change Calypso but I try to keep it as it is."

Man Smart, Women Smarter
Music Lesson
Meringue Jenny
Creole Girl
Last Train
Coconut (Steel Band)
Lost Watch
Loving Woman Is Waster Of Time
Man Is Easy Fish
Mambo Calypso
Clear de Road
West Indies
Serenade (Steel Band)

Rock And Roll Featuring Louis Prima

Steam Roller Blues

Rock And Roll
Featuring Louis Prima
Played By America's All Star Groups
Cover: Design House
Color Photo: Dick Robertson
Halo 50192

Sing, Sing, Sing
Boogie Woogie
St. Louis Blues
Coney Island Boogie
Clarinet Boogie Blues
Ride Deacon Ride
The Screwdriver No. 2
Shot Gun Boogie
Divorce Me C.O.D.
Beauty Parade Gossip
Steam Roller Blues

For Latin Lovers - Carmen Cavallaro

Deep Night
For Latin Lovers
Carmen Cavallaro
Piano Solos With Orchestra And Rhythm Accompaniment
Decca DL 8325

From Billboard - March 9, 1957: Cavallaro has a steady following and this package of danceable Latin-styled sides should suit their sales fancy. Standout keyboard work on 1 terpable selections, including some of Cavallaro's biggest former singles hits – "The Moon Was Yellow," "Anna," "Enlloro," etc. For jockeys with popish Latin American segs as well as Cavallaro fans.

From the back cover: In musical circles, one of the most difficult tasks to undertake is a change of style or the addition of a different style, after playing for a long time in a particular manner. In 1950, after many successful years as a popular pianist-orchestra leader, Carmen disbanded his orchestra to perform as a soloist, feeling that this would provide him with greater musical flexibility. Always on the alert for changing trends, he decided that in addition to his free style, he would add a rhythm section to cover a wider scope of the music he was to undertake. Carmen demonstrated in no uncertain terms that he could successfully adapt his talents to whatever popular taste required. He completely captivated a thrilled audience at New York's "Embers" with a jazz technique that is as dramatic as it is startling. New York Waldorf-Astoria and Chicago's Palmer House were also scenes of recent triumphs by Cavallaro.

Miami Beach Rhumba
Enlloro (Voodoo Moon)
Deep Night
The Moon Was Yellow
Cancion Del Mar
Rhumba Maria